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As a small business owner myself I understand that running your business effectively is extremely important, as a Virtual Assistant I can help you with all your ‘non-billable’ work, this then allows you to focus on all the money making parts of your business creating a successful business for you. As a Virtual PA I work closely with my clients, I provide a professional, efficient and bespoke Virtual Assistant service that is tailored to suit your needs.


When it comes to the services available through a Virtual Assistant, the list of admin tasks I can complete for you are almost endless. I am able to offer a professional and comprehensive range of office support including administration and secretarial services.


Listed below are some of the services I can offer:


• Digital Transcriptions  

• Transcripts

• Minutes

• Schedule of Works & Party Wall Matters (Building Surveyors Specific)

• Document Creation

• Email Management with custom replies or canned responses as preferred

• Internet Research for products, venues, travel, etc collated via spreadsheets


As an experienced Virtual Assistant I am able to help you in any of your admin duties, you started your business to do what you enjoy so don’t sit around doing admin tasks that you don’t enjoy – let me do that for you!


The easiest way for you to decide if you need a VA is to look at your current day to day tasks, are you getting everything done by the end of the day and are you enjoying what you do? If not then a Virtual Assistant like me could help you. Secondly you need to work out how much you can earn an hour and then figure out how long it will take you to do the task. Look at my rates and you’ll soon notice it will save you money to choose a virtual assistant like me, instead of doing it yourself. On top of this I will probably be able to do it quicker and at a higher standard too as admin tasks are my area of expertise.


If you have an admin task you would like to outsource to a Virtual Assistant or Virtual PA in Peterborough give me a call, I am always happy to talk through with you what I can do to help your business.



When you are a small business owner or a start-up company it is not unusual to feel overwhelmed by the daily tasks you have to complete, you will soon find that you are not enjoying your new business because it’s bubbling over into your personal life as you just can’t manage it all. This is where a Virtual Assistant can help; they can help reduce your burden by completing the admin tasks for you that are taking up your time, allowing you to enjoy running your business again.


Services List

Helen John, Virtual Assistant provides professional, comprehensive and efficient office support by means of a vast range of administration and secretarial services

Document creation and management of letters, transcripts, minutes, schedule of works and party wall matters (specific to building surveyors)


Digital transcription of letters, minutes,

specifications and transcripts


Email management using either your preferred canned responses or tailored custom replies.


Internet research; research products, places and collate into a spreadsheet or other document.


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Helen John started working with me early in 2014 when I was at my wits end with paperwork, business and personal. Helen doesn't just wave her wand over paperwork and mail, but maintains client records, takes responsibility for certain elements of customer care; researches and orders products; updates website information and generally makes sure I'm not arrested for not having car tax, insurance and M.O.T!


Helen is extremely efficient and capable and very quickly learns about a business and is able to add-value. She is proactive, trustworthy (she even has her own fitnaturally business bank card), conscientious and professional. Helen will quietly remind you when you need to get something done, or she will simply do it herself. Not only that but Helen is a lovely person, so easy to work with - friendly, genuine and loyal.


If you are looking for someone to take charge of your admin, and free up a lot more of your time, you will not find anyone better than Helen. I highly recommend her; she has certainly taken a huge chunk of worry off my shoulders.

Sally Pinnegar,

Director fitnaturally Ltd