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What Is a Transcriptionist?

By Helen John, Oct 20 2015 12:00AM

A transcriptionist is a qualified experienced audio typist specialising in your industry; a typist who transcribes letters or other documentation from recorded dictation using a voice recorder such as; an Olympus Dictaphone or smartphone. For example, our expertise of the surveying background has a specialism of transcribing Building Survey’s, Homebuyer’s Reports, Schedules of Condition and Schedules of Work. Once the author has completed the dictation, the sound file is simply uploaded onto the author’s computer via a USB cable and this is sent to the transcriptionist by the use of email of Dropbox.

The audio typing is undertaken by the transcriptionist using a headset and foot pedal to transcribe sound files which are loaded onto software such as Olympus DSS or ExpressScribe. The headset is used to receive the author’s voice from the sound file and the foot pedal incorporates two main buttons; play and rewind which very simply control the software on our computer. We can transcribe from most audio file extensions including MP3, DSS, DS2, WAV, WMA, WAV/AIFF. We can also transcribe from the old mini cassette recorders, although these are not generally used as often as digital files.

The professional industry standard allows ONE hour to transcribe 15 minutes of clearly recorded speech. Therefore, it takes a MINIMUM of 4 hours to transcribe a one hour tape. It can take as long as 6 or 8 hours depending on the quality of the recording and the speed in which you type.

A good, clear recording results in accurate and fast transcription.

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