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My Transcription Essentials

By Helen John, Jun 15 2016 11:00AM

I suspect a lot of you know how transcription works but if not then what I do is I listen to sound and visible recordings and type up the results in a readable format on my computer. There are a few pieces of equipment I can’t do this without.

Olympus DSS

This is my favourite software mainly because I used this when I was employed as a PA and at that time had never heard of Express Scribe. This supports audio formats such as DSS, DSS Pro, WMA mp3, mp4 and Windows Media files. It also works in conjunction with my foot pedal unlike other media players and you can slow down or speed up the voices.

Express Scribe

I started using Express Scribe purely because a client used a pocket dictate mobile dictation recorder which was compatible with this software. This supports audio and video formats such as mp3, mp4, wav and Windows Media files.


You could simply hear audio through your computer’s speakers, but I prefer to wear headphones to help shut out any external noise and this focuses my attention more and I’m less likely to miss out audio where the sound may dip or the speakers voice is a little bit “mumbly” or quiet.

Foot pedal

I can use this to play, rewind and fast forward the audio I am listening to, which enables me to concentrate on the typing aspect of the job, which is the most important part of the transcription – definitely an essential tool of the trade!

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